My Team!

When my younger sister was in grade school, she loved to play a game called “My Team, Your Team”.  This is a game where you people watch, look at someone you like and say “My Team!”.  Likewise, you look at someone you don’t like and say to your playmate, “Your Team!”.  It can be a funny game and can help pass the time if you have nothing better to do.  But it got me thinking, how can you just look at someone and say “My Team!” ?  Well, I’ve heard it best like this:

-          25% will love you no matter what you do (My Team!)
-          25% will hate you no matter what you do 
-          25% will love you but could be convinced otherwise
-          25% will hate you but could be convinced otherwise

Funny how we could probably list all the people we know and put them into one of these four categories.  It is funny when you meet someone you get this automatic feeling about them (whether “My Team!” or “Your Team!”). 

Take for example my Plumber, his name is Mike.  I met Mike when things were going horribly wrong in my life and too boot I had a Sewage Pipe leak in my house causing $50K worth of Mold Damage.  So clearly I was not in the best of moods nor frame of mind.  Anyway, it took less than five minutes for me to realize that I was on Mike’s “Team”.  I could tell that no matter WHAT I said or did, this man was going to love me.  There was a simple and easy acceptance that we both shared.  I could throw a hairy gorilla fit at him and he would just sit there and smile,“OMG, you are so adorable!”   And he was also on My Team.  As he worked on my house he was yelling and swearing like a sailor and it just made me laugh out loud.  Now I know, had this been anybody else I would have thought “Wow, how highly unprofessional!”   I can’t explain it but somehow within minutes of knowing each other, we were on each other’s Team.

By focusing only on those people who are within my 25% - My Team category, I can tell you that I have increased my happiness tremendously.  It does not matter if this 25% number represents a very small number of people.  You may even need to add a few pets in there to increase the number.  So what?  At least those people/pets will love and support you no matter what and they are worth focusing on.  And your Team is out there, people who will love and accept you no matter what!   If you don’t know them just yet, don’t worry, you will find them or they will find you.

So let me be the first to point at you and say…. “My Team!”

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