Why Bad Things Happen

We are all good people, right?  So if religion is right and we live a “righteous” life, then why does the Universe allow bad things happen to good people?  This question plagues a lot of people and although I cannot tell you that I have THE answer, I have found one that makes me comfortable.  

Now, you may not believe that Theresa Caputo (a.k.a - "The Long Island Medium") is the real deal and/or that she speaks to your dead loved ones or angels.  But in her book "There's More To Life Than This" she had an interesting take on this subject that I found helpful.  Here is what she wrote:

Our soul’s ultimate purpose is to learn lessons that spiritually develop our soul over many incarnations in the physical world – lessons about patience, faithfulness, joy, selflessness, and so on.  Part of our purpose is also to help others learn lessons, make good for things we’ve done wrong, and grow our soul in a way that aligns with God’s. 

When it’s time to learn new lessons, we’ll again have the choice to either learn these in heaven or reincarnate and come back to earth in a new body, with new experiences.  If we chose to come back, we’ll learn our lessons faster than we would in Heaven.

When I read this passage in the book and since I’m raised Catholic, no offense to other religions… I envisioned Jesus standing in Heaven holding a ledger open saying to a crowd “Okay… Next we have a life here on Earth who’s major lesson will be Selflessness with smaller side lessons of Faithfulness and Joy.  This is how your life will be like, these will be the gifts/talents you'll have, these will be your struggles, and who you will interact with.  Who still needs to learn those lessons and who wants to volunteer for this life?”  And then hands shoot up in the crowd.

Like it or not (and even remove the religious element), you may have noticed already in your life that you learn more in your tough times than you ever do in your awesome times.  It’s the bad times that force you to think of new solutions so you can feel better or happy again.  If you always feel fantastic and everything is going great, why do anything different?  The Universe allows bad things to happen not because WE are bad or it is trying to get revenge upon us.  Yes, we are downright uncomfortable and don't like it but there is a lesson to be learned.  AND… because we have free will, we don’t HAVE to learn it but rest assured the Universe will have the lesson keep popping up in your life until you DO learn it.

For example, 
·         That horrendously slow traffic might be teaching you patience
·         Caring for elderly parents might be teaching you selflessness
·         Coming down with that disease might be teaching you compassion
·         Having money trouble might be teaching you discipline with your finances
·         Being frantic and never having time for yourself might be teaching you boundaries

To tie it all together, I’ll just close with one of my favorite quotes that comes from the funny movie “Evan Almighty”

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