We Are What We Do Consistently

I have a friend who is a Body Builder and Personal Trainer who would coach all the time, “We are what we do consistently.”  His point would be that if you want to attain certain goals (like lose weight, build muscle mass, gain flexibility, etc), you would have to be consistent with your planning and execution of that plan.  But I got to thinking, this phrase “We are what we do consistently” really can apply to anything we do in life, not just fitness.  I find it very similar to the famous philosopher René Descartes saying “I think, therefore I am.” 

Many people are clueless to their own problems.  But I would challenge them to think about what their problem is and perhaps what they are doing could be contributing to it.  It’s not really rocket science:

If you are consistently…
  • Over eating = you will gain weight
  • Under eating = you will lose weight
  • Thinking depressing thoughts = you will become depressed
  • Thinking happy thoughts = you will become happier
  • Hanging out with the “wrong” crowd = you are more likely to get into trouble
  • Hanging out with the “right” crowd = you are less likely to get into trouble
  • Doing Drugs = you will be addicted
  • Not Doing Drugs = you will not be addicted
  • Worried something will go wrong = you will have anxiety attacks
  • Calm that everything will work out = you will not have anxiety attacks (noticed I didn’t say that “nothing will go wrong”, lol)

Most of us or so wrapped up in living our lives that we are completely unaware of what we are choosing to do, say, or think until it is too late.  We make thousands of choices every day and every single choice counts.  Have you ever noticed how our choices and decisions tend to group together and have a snowballing effect?  One good decision often leads to other ones.  Likewise, one bad decision tends to lead to others and then suddenly you are consistently making poor decisions.  When you are at that crossroad remember this snowballing effect and hopefully it will sway you on to the positive (more healthy) choice.  

For example, two typical days I have:
  • The Good Healthy Day:  I start off waking up on time, I eat a healthy breakfast, leave to work on time, bring my healthy homemade lunches thereby saving money, go home grab a protein shake,  work out, and go to bed at a decent hour.  
  • The Bad Unhealthy Day:  I wake up late so I can’t have breakfast so on the way to work I grab a sausage egg and cheese McMuffin with a Café Mocha Latte from Starbucks.  I forgot to grab my healthy lunches, l feel bloated from breakfast, then I have pizza for lunch.  I then feel tired and fat and disgusted at myself so I just go home and sit on the couch when I get home rather than work out.  And since I feel fat anyway I write the day off and say, “Ah… might as well go to Dairy Queen and have a blizzard and do better tomorrow!” Then I can’t sleep because I have so much sugar and then go to bed late. 

Every decision is important and you can stop that from snowballing into other poor decisions if you bring awareness to it. Awareness is extremely important. No matter what the topic, look at what you are doing consistently and you may be able to solve all of your own problems!

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