The “Beautiful” People Do NOT Have An Advantage

When we’re in High School/College, we all make the assumption that all Beautiful & Popular kids all have it made easy for them.  They have all the friends, money, latest fashion, going to parties… and here we are sitting at home/dorm doing our homework wondering if we will ever be as happy as them.  Funny enough, years later I’ve learned from talking with some of these same people that all was not what it seemed. 

One popular person revealed that he was abused by his parents and always stayed out with friends in fear of going home.  Another took lots of goofy selfie pictures at their party because really everyone was having a miserable time but the next day everyone would assume it was great from the pictures.  Another always surrounded himself with lots of girls giving him a reputation of being a “ladies man” when he was really hiding that he was gay and terrified anyone would find out.  Lots of us wished “If we just had their life!” – when in reality we had NO idea what was really happening.

So when we become adults (just like our high school-like selves), we also assume if we just had “X, Y, or Z” – our lives would be SO much easier or better.  Not really.  For instance, we assume that the “Beautiful People” never have problems finding dates or their soul mates.  If THIS were true then all Hollywood Actors/Actresses would be perfectly happily married because they are rich, famous, and beautiful, right?  Hey!  Put down that Celebrity Gossip Magazine! 

To put it another way, I have two friends who are single:  One who is beautiful inside and out and another whose beauty shows more from the inside than out.  You would think that the one that had more outside beauty would have the best chance at finding dates or even have more dates, right?  Nope!  Both tell me the same amount of troubles and it’s not because the one with outside beauty is “too picky” nor is she an emotional basket case.  They both are having the same experience because, I believe, that “special someone” we are all destined to be with, will reveal themselves in due time regardless of how you look, feel, or have.  Like the song says, someone will love you “Just The Way You Are”.

Think of it another way…Just because one princess is kissing more frogs does not mean her Prince Charming will arrive ANY faster.  Her Prince Charming will arrive in due time and NOT because she kissed 1000 frogs before him. 

And whether it's a Prince Charming you are looking for, the Perfect Job, Financial Status, Friends, Health, or Situation (whatever it is)... My advice would be to wait for the right opportunity that feels "right" to you and do not worry about how many opportunities are coming your way.  It's not the frequency but the quality that matters.

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