The Cracked Pot

This is another one of those stories that I have heard from many sources (and heard many different ways) and the message is amazingly helpful.  The story goes like this:

Living out in the country, an old lady would carry two empty buckets from her house, down the hill, and to the stream where she would fill them with water.  As she carried the buckets back up the hill to the house, one bucket was still full with water while the other was only half full.  This routine carried on daily until one day the cracked pot spoke to the old lady.

The cracked pot cried, “Why do you keep me?  I leak out half my water every day.  I feel so useless, ashamed, and worthless.  You should just toss me away and get a new bucket that doesn’t leak.”

The lady smiled and said, “I would never throw you away.  Do you see all those beautiful flowers along your side of the hill’s path down to the stream?  I’ve always known about your leak.  So I planted seeds on that side of the path and your leak allows all those beautiful flowers to grow and brings me so much joy.”

Have you ever felt like this cracked pot?  We feel useless or inefficient in certain areas of our life and think we deserve to be thrown away like the cracked pot in this story.  Even though it may seem like flaws, they actually could be an advantage or a blessing (to you and maybe to others).  For example,  

  • A physically abused boy grows up to channel his anger to become a Champion Boxer.
  • Someone who is extremely critical all the time might find a great job as a Quality Controller. 
  • Or my favorite …. A man named Nick Vujicic who was born with no arms and no legs thinking he was good for nothing in this life.  But having no arms and no legs of course made people stare and take notice of him much more than any “normal child”.  He used this to his advantage and is now an Inspirational speaker going all over the world speaking and helping thousands of people.

Don’t assume because you have flaws (and we all do) that you are at a disadvantage.  You may find out like our friend the cracked pot in this story that they could help you to make something beautiful and bring joy to the world.

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