Jesus – “The Rebel”

Before you judge this title, I want to make clear that it is not my intention to change or doubt anyone else’s beliefs.  We all have our own interpretation of how we see our own universe and I firmly believe that you are right AND I am right. Who am I to doubt your interpretation of your own universe? So if you are open minded enough to read someone else’s opinion on their beliefs of their own universe without losing your shit then keep reading…

So although I was born Roman Catholic, I actually learned why Jesus was awesome from my History College Professor way more than I ever did attending mass.  Yeah, I was surprised too.  My college professor was Jewish but he announced to the class “Jesus was a rebel.” Of course most Catholic/Christian students gasped at such blasphemy because so many place Jesus on a pedestal as a Deity. Since he was a History Professor however and of the Jewish faith, he gave us another perspective of this great man.  He went on to say that despite the Deity beliefs, Jesus was an actual man and many religions saw Him as a great prophet even if they did not believe he was the Son of God.

At that time the Jewish leaders were rich, in power, and enjoyed their position controlling the people. The Jewish Leaders were very critical where you had to follow all of their rules 100% or you were ex-communicated or ostracized from society.  Only a select few were the "elite" and probably allowed into heaven.  All others who were suffering deserved to suffer in the eyes of God and were obviously being punished - so these people were shunned. The suffering (poor, sick, crippled, prostitutes, gentiles, etc) were “the untouchables” and had no place in society and considered better off dead.  Lots and lots of judgment everywhere to go around!

Now here comes this man (this Rebel) who claims to be “The Messiah” (aka The Savior) starting a cult and gathering a large following.  I mean a REALLY large following. How did he do this? Very simple… Unlike the Jewish Leaders, he accepted EVERYONE and was not only teaching but showing Unconditional Love and Compassion regardless of who they were.  He taught that regardless of someone’s past, status, health, gender, profession – everyone deserved love and compassion. He preached that it was more important to show unconditional love and compassion than following rules.  Wait.....What??? 

He then performed miracles on the so called "untouchables" like healing the sick/crippled, befriending the prostitutes/tax collectors, forgiving criminals, making the blind see, etc.  Here is this character telling people things like, "God is good, He always loves you and forgives your sins, and you should show all people love". Telling helpful parables such as “The Prodigal Son”, “The Good Samaritan”, “The Sower and the Seeds”, etc.

For the Jewish Leaders this would not do!  This was not the same God of Judgement and Damnation they worshiped. Jesus was intentionally disrupting everything on how the Jewish Leaders wanted to run things resulting in their tightly controlled grip on society to slip.  They did what they could to try and discredit Jesus and get the population to hate him but he was gaining followers instead.  My professor theorized that the Jewish leaders were desperate to persuade Pontius Pilate and the crowd to crucify Jesus rather than Barabbas (the Murderer) because to them, Jesus was a much bigger threat to their comfortable way of life. 

Seeing Jesus in this fashion was much more helpful to me than anything. I wanted to learn more about this so-called “Rebel” that everyone is still talking about 2000 years later after his death. Whatever religion you may follow (or maybe even you don't), Acceptance, Unconditional Love, and Compassion are timeless and will always continue to ring true to all no matter who is teaching them.

So go ahead be a Rebel like Jesus, follow your passion, show unconditional love/compassion, ignore the naysayers, and maybe turn some water into wine!  (Okay if you can do that last one, call me….) 

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