Emotionally Broken

It is really a mystery to me why people treat emotional healing differently than physical healing.  If you break your leg you are in pain of course and so you immediately go to the doctor, get a cast, maybe some pain or anti-inflammatory medication, and you must rest for six weeks.  Everyone knows you must do this to get better.  Why is it then when you go through a very emotionally traumatic time (like loss of a relationship, loss of a job, a betrayal from a colleague at work, suffering from Depression, or having some sort of an addiction, etc) that the standard message is “Just think positive!  Don’t let life get you down!  Stop being such a Debbie Downer!  Just keep on trucking!  Keep moving forward!”  It’s almost as if the mentality is “You don’t have a right to be upset.”  And of course you do but so few people get the help they need. 

To make the analogy, if we were to replace emotional trauma with the broken leg scenario . . . People refuse to see a doctor or even talk about how they are hurting, they continue to try and walk on the broken leg pretending it does not hurt, never resting or putting their broken leg up which only makes it hurt worse, they are in constant pain so they are extremely irritable, with no medication to help the swelling or infection gets worse, and they have cheerleaders next to them screaming “Stop being a baby!  You’re fine!  Just keep going!  It will get better on its own.”  Even if the leg does heal, it could heal in the wrong way and they can suffer their whole life with pain because they didn’t take the appropriate steps to heal it properly.  Sounds ridiculous when it’s a broken leg, right?  So why is this be acceptable if people are emotionally broken?

Everyone knows how you cannot “see” emotional hurt, yet most everyone tries to ignore it.  It’s easier to heal from a break your leg because no one hesitates to get treatment in order to get better as fast as possible.  Especially since society supports and  expects you to do so.  Yet most people if they are emotionally hurting, do absolutely nothing, diminish their pain, and think it will go away by itself.  And maybe it will.  But what if it doesn’t go away?  What if it has been a really long time?  Society does not really support the emotionally hurt as they should.  There is definitely a negative response to anyone seeing a professional to talk about their problems (aka “a shrink”) or taking medication to help get through things.  Even when people finally do seek treatment they often hide it fearing being labeled as “mentally insane” or something is “wrong with” them. 

I think this type of negativity towards emotional treatment is what causes many people to self-medicate in private via whatever numbing device they feel most comfortable with.  Their numbing device might be an addiction, distraction, obsession, etc.  Also what hampers the search for treatment is comparing your emotional pain with someone else.  “Well my friend went through this and didn’t need treatment.  I must be a complete and utter failure of a human being if I need treatment!”  This is completely untrue.  Never compare your pain with someone else's nor compare how you “should” be handling a situation.  Everyone’s experiences are different and unique.  What might feel like a paper cut to some could feel like an amputation to you (and vice versa). 

My challenge to you is . . . If you are suffering from an emotional “broken leg” please talk to someone about it, seek professional help if necessary, be open minded if medication is require without judging yourself harshly (because medication could make a world of difference), and most of all do what you need to do to take the emotional rest you need to heal.  It is also important not to give yourself a time limit either!  Be gentle and kind to yourself and take all the time you need!

There is much support out there and some companies provide their own Employee Assistance Help Line (which should be anonymous).  If you don’t have that available, there are plenty of resources out there and below are just some anonymous hotlines:

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