GPS (God Positioning System)

Pre-Warning: I would kindly ask those of you that are Atheists, do not believe in a God, Higher Being, a Loving Universe, Great Spirit, etc that you may want to stop reading now since this article may not be your cup of tea.  Thank you J

Those of us that do believe in God or at least were raised to do so, sometimes have problems trusting Him when things are not going our way.  We are not where we want to be. It’s been so long since something good has happened for us, which MUST mean God is mad at us, right?  Going through tough times automatically gets us thinking that we’ve done something wrong, God is punishing us, we are not worthy of a happy life especially if we brought the problems upon ourselves, or God just plain forgot about us somehow in the billions of people on this earth. 

Well, I don’t believe any of that personally.  I like listening to Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church and Joyce Meyer, both great Ministers who have a great view of God as a benevolent Father teaching us lessons.

I’ve heard both of them say in their sermons that God is like the GPS in our cars or smart phones.  The GPS is a device that helps navigate us to our destination.  It tells us to turn left, turn right, go another 34 miles, get off on this exit, etc and then BAM!  We arrive magically at our destination.  Now if you choose a different route, or maybe make a wrong turn, the voice doesn’t say “Where are you going?  That is not where I told you to go!” it simply says “Re-calculating Route.” 

When we get off course in life and things are uncomfortable we say to ourselves “Why did you do that?  How could that happen?  We’re screwed now!  We messed everything up now!”  This is why I believe God isn’t mad at us for making a wrong turn because (like the GPS) He can always recalculate our route.  It may take the same amount of time, it may not, but we WILL get to our destination.  There is no mistake that God cannot get us on the right track again.
To help with this point, let me tell you a story….

I remember one time I was driving from Connecticut to Long Island with my mother.  We are both nervous drivers to begin with and my mother is terrible with directions so of course I had my trusty GPS turned on.  Well instead of the route we always take and are familiar with, the GPS directed us to go through the Bronx side streets.

Well my mother started panicking like she was about to ride a really steep rollercoaster, “We can’t go this way!  It’s the WRONG way!  Don’t get off the highway!” 

I calmly told her, “It’s okay, the GPS knows what it’s doing. We WILL get home no problem, safe, and sound.”  I said this with A LOT more confident than I felt.  Of course I was trying to keep her calm when on the inside I was panicking just as much saying a silent prayer “Please Lord, don’t let the GPS be broken and that there is a reason for this scary detour!”

We CERTAINLY were not where we wanted to be! Now this was not one of those really nice parts of the Bronx.  This part was very run down, garbage and graffiti everywhere, shifty looking people standing on street corners, and it was starting to get dark.  Needless to say we were WAY out of our comfort zone!  But I just kept putting my faith into my GPS to get me back on the highway and where we needed to go. 

Then about 20 minutes later we were back on the major highway and driving very easy with no traffic!  We both heaved a very heavy sigh of relief.  We got home at normal time.  Somehow even with the detour it did not delay our arrival time one bit.  Later that night I had learned from watching the news that if we had stayed on our nice and familiar route, we would have been stuck for hours in traffic because of an overturned tractor-trailer blocking all lanes.

In both scenarios we would have gotten to our destination.  One route would have taken us longer but I took a leap of faith that my GPS wasn’t broken and it was steering me on the right path.  My faith was rewarded and we got to avoid all that traffic and got home in good time, safe, and sound.

Just because we are uncomfortable or we are someplace we did not expect to be in life, does not mean we are in the wrong place.  Sometimes following God’s still small voice in your head telling you where to go may seem like you are going in the wrong direction.  Or sometimes, you don’t feel God is hearing your prayers at all and He doesn’t care about you because of the silence.  Nope!  Even if we make the wrong decision and it’s our fault that we are lost, I like it when Joel Osteen says, “You are not that powerful to undo God’s plan for you.  God is not scratching His head up in Heaven saying, ‘I never dreamed they would do that!  Say, Gabriel, go get me an aspirin!  Well, I’m out of ideas.’”.  Laughable right?  He just goes on and recalculates your route. 

Just stay the course, even if it is uncomfortable and you will still arrive at your destination.  The best any of us can do is to be patient and have faith that there is a God in Heaven that wants the best for us and our loving destination is waiting for us.


  1. Thank you Elizabeth... I found this very inspiring

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