So....Why Soul Vacation?

Well, because “Soul Searching” just sounds like so much arduous grinding work and who wants to do that on top of what you are already doing?  A Soul Vacation sounds more relaxing and fun, don’t you think?  Some people even do their soul searching while on vacation which gives them more time alone, peace, quiet to look introspectively at their lives with a possible drink in their hand (maybe a Piña Colada while on a beach under a Palm Tree?).  

With that said… I’ve always struggled with the words “Soul Searching”.  What does that even mean?  You already have a soul right?  So what are we searching for?  Well, I think the only reason anyone even thinks about embarking on such a quest is they are miserable and their life unfulfilled.  Because if you were ridiculously happy why question anything and just keep doing what you’re doing!  Decisions people have made (including me) have led them somewhere they didn’t expect or didn’t like.  So what to do?  Well, one way to put it is to be like a GPS system and recalculate your path to happiness or fulfillment.  But what’s the destination?  What will make you happy?  Where to go?  How to get there?  When will I get there?  Who will join me?  It’s all very overwhelming.  

You probably don’t need me to tell you life is ever changing and so do our needs/desires so even if you asked these questions 10 years ago, it could be completely different by now.  But maybe by taking a little vacation from whatever it is your doing to read this blog, maybe something I say will speak to you and point you in the direction of your path or at the very least you get to see some nice vacation pictures.

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